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Will the royals pay for their own security?

In Europe News on April 29, 2011 at 12:28 pm

By Ryan W. McMaken

Of course not, and it looks like their wedding will cost the taxpayers at least 80 million dollars. This isn’t much compared to the untold billions that democratic politicians waste on their own profligacy, but it’s still a fleecing of the taxpayer for a totally unnecessary and ultimately political spectacle.

So the taxpayers will pay millions for untold numbers of government police and soldiers to parade around as the royals ride by in some former despot’s carriage on their way to a party.

The royal family is quick to point out that the party itself is being paid for by the royals themselves. The reception costs, which are themselves tiny compared to the security funded by the taxpayers, will be paid out by the royals to the tune of one or two million dollars.

Fair enough, but that money isn’t really “private” either. The only reason the royals have all that property and money at all is because their ancestors stole it from the taxpayers of yesteryear. Long-dead Brits and subjects of the empire of long ago, who ran factories or worked in coal mines, paid for all that, and they were taxed all their lives to…

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