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Restaurant blogger jailed for criticising salty noodles

In World News on June 28, 2011 at 3:41 pm

By Malcom Moore

The Taiwanese woman, who has only been named as Mrs Liu, enraged the owner of the Sichuan Flavour Beef Noodle Restaurant in the central city of Taichung after posting a negative review on the internet.

Mrs Liu, who has a wide-ranging but relatively little-read blog covering food and interior design, visited the restaurant in 2008.

She complained that the food was “too salty”, that there were cockroaches, and that the owner was a “bully”, according to the Taipei Times.

Beef noodle soup is one of Taiwan’s most popular national dishes, and restaurants are judged mercilessly on the fragrance and quality of their offering.

After learning about the negative review from a customer, the restaurant sued Mrs Liu for defamation.

The high court in Taichung decided that Mrs Liu had been within her rights to comment on the cockroaches, since this was a “narration of the facts”.

However, the judge ruled that since she had only eaten one dish of fried noodles, she was unqualified to…

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Inside the US-Anglo-French plan to civilize the Internet

In Big Brother, Tech, World News on June 9, 2011 at 4:59 pm

By Nate Anderson

Get ready for international Internet regulation; top leaders from the US, UK, and France are making increasingly public statements about their plans to draft new rules that will make the ‘Net more secure and will crack down on copyright infringers.

In a speech back on February 4, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague sounded a dire warning about the state of the ‘Net.

The intelligence reports I see as Foreign Secretary show that just one criminal computer programme can harvest over thirty gigabytes of stolen passwords and credit card details from over a hundred countries in a matter of days, causing millions of pounds worth of fraud…

Last year the national security interests of the UK were targeted in a deliberate attack on our defence industry. A malicious file posing as a report on a nuclear Trident missile was sent to a defence contractor by someone masquerading as an employee of another defence contractor. Good protective security meant that the email was detected and blocked, but its purpose was undoubtedly to steal information relating to our most sensitive defence projects.

And last month three of my staff were sent an e-mail, apparently from a British colleague outside the FCO, working on their region. The e-mail claimed to be about a forthcoming visit to the region and looked quite innocent. In fact it was from a hostile state intelligence agency and contained computer code embedded in the attached document that would….

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The internet needs tougher policing, says Vodafone CEO (siding with Sarkozy)

In Europe News, Tech on June 6, 2011 at 9:50 pm

By Kate Salomon

Vodafone’s CEO, Vittorio Colao, has spoken out on the about web freedoms, saying that the internet should be subject to regulatory laws.

Colao sides with French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, who recently called for greater state control of online content and services.

It all comes down to trust, says Colao, and self-regulation is not providing that given the regular security breaches, prevalence of piracy and ‘infringements of individual rights’.

“Mr Sarkozy is really right to argue that realising the full potential of the internet will also require an effective legal framework and that self-regulation will not be enough,” he wrote in an open letter to the Financial Times.

Restrictions incoming?

His comments fly in the face of the attitude taken by web services like Facebook and Google, which have both recently talked about…

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