Clinton: Biological attacks ‘are serious security challenge’

In Americas on December 8, 2011 at 10:43 pm

By The Raw Story

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought on Wednesday to rally international efforts against the threat of a biological attack, saying the warning signs were “too serious to ignore”.

Clinton spoke at a meeting on the Biological Weapons Convention, a decades-old ban on bio-weapons currently under review at a three-week conference in Geneva.

“I am here today because we view the risk of a bio-weapons attack as both a serious national security challenge and a foreign policy priority,” Clinton said.

“In an age when people and diseases cross borders with growing ease, bio-weapons are a transnational threat.

“We can only protect against them with transnational action.”

Scientific advances may have made it possible to prevent and cure more diseases but they have also made it easier for terrorists to develop biological weapons, Clinton warned.

“Even as it becomes easier to develop these weapons, it remains extremely difficult to detect them, because almost any biological research can serve dual purposes.

“The same equipment and technical knowledge used for legitimate research to save lives can also be used to manufacture deadly diseases.”

The most high-profile delegate at the review meeting, Clinton said halting the spread of weapons of mass destruction was a “top goal” of…

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