P0rn sites start using Facebook Connect

In Big Brother, Tech on October 7, 2011 at 1:56 am

By Techwag

With a sense of humor because when Mashable’s Pete Cashmore wrote that Facebook users should be beware that the new timeline feature could embarrass a user, I just had to see what the porn industry was doing. Porn has been trying to get involved in social media, but for a multi-billion dollar industry we tend to turn a blind eye to what is arguably one of the internet’s most popular features, and one of the most consumed but unacknowledged products out there.

So imagine my surprise to see a couple of porn sites this morning using Facebook Connect, and yes, they knew who I was. Embarrassed possibly, more humored because this really is how the adult industry is going to get into social media and it will be done because users rarely log out of facebook (even that might not help) and facebook connect is everywhere.

So how are we going to manage our privacy when we hit porn sites that are notorious for viruses, illegal porn, many many pop up’s that does not mean that we really wanted to go there. Are we ready to see what your particular taste is in the industry that cannot be mentioned or promoted on social media?

So exactly how is Facebook going to let us screen our timeline before we really get going and dive deeper into the things that we really do not want our friends and neighbors to know about.

Embarrassing maybe depending on who you are, I can lay really good money on the table that people who follow celebrities are going to love knowing that celebrity X visited X site because they didn’t log out. T he paparazzi is going to have a…

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