New facial scanners at Heathrow to check the identity of millions

In Big Brother, Tech on July 22, 2011 at 1:47 pm

By Laura Roberts

Millions of Heathrow passengers will have their faces scanned from September to cut queues and identify potential terrorists.

Every traveller from terminals one and five will undergo the infra-red “facial recognition” checks before they board their planes.

The data – taken when passengers first hand over their boarding cards – will be stored for up to 24 hours before being destroyed.

The aim is to prevent a situation where an international passenger could swap tickets with a domestic passenger in a departure lounge, as domestic passengers do not go through immigration checks.

The Aurora Imaging Recognition system is the most advanced to be used in a UK airport. It has been approved for use at Heathrow following an 18-month trial by BAA and the UK Border Agency. These found that it took only five seconds to confirm the identity of the average passenger.

Facial recognition software works by scanning the dimensions of the subject’s face and comparing these to a pre-recorded database. When a match is registered the subject’s identity is confirmed.

The security technology at Heathrow will be provided by biometric software specialists Aurora in partnership with…

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