Google aims to speed up the Web with ‘Instant Pages,’ spoken search

In Big Brother, Tech on June 15, 2011 at 6:38 pm

By Mike Swift

The Internet just got a lot faster — at least after a Google(GOOG) search. And offices across America probably will get just a bit louder.

Leveraging its prowess in computer science, Google announced an array of new mobile and desktop search features Tuesday, including the ability to speak a search query to a desktop computer and run a search query on any personal photo stored on a user’s computer. The features also include a new interface for mobile searches that makes it easier to find information about nearby restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses.

But the new service users will probably notice most is Instant Pages, a service in which the search engine predicts the link a user is likely to click. If a user chooses that link — typically the first link in search results — the page will essentially load instantaneously. Google says that will save users in those cases three to five seconds on average — a clearly noticeable difference.

“Taken all together, it was kind of a broadside by Google today that they are not going to slack off the pace of innovation,” said Hadley Reynolds, director of…

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