Privacy lost: The amazing benefits of the completely examined life

In Big Brother, Tech on May 6, 2011 at 11:04 am

By PCWorld

It’s time to stop complaining and star appreciating the advantages of the open-source you.

Your iPhone’s tracking you. Your game network just surrendered all your personal data. And your mom is posting your potty-training videos on Facebook. Like many of us, you’re laboring under the delusion that privacy matters–that there’s such a thing as too much (public) information. It’s time to get over it! Soon we’ll all recognize the positives of exposing every aspect of our lives. What a relief it will be when we’ve finally revealed everything and have nothing left to hide. Herewith, the potential benefits of our upcoming, privacy-free utopia:

• Better security, plus entertainment, 24/7: Tune into the airport security “Grope-cam” channel.

• Lose weight through public shaming. Live feed of your personal calorie-intake monitor. And all of your followers can heckle and haze you between bites.

• Never wonder about the location of your wayward spouse again: All citizens’ locations are now tracked on GoogleMaps, via surgically imbedded cell phone/GPS…

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