Ten wars, ten media lies

In Big Brother, World News on May 4, 2011 at 1:08 pm

By Michel Collon

Every war is preceded by a lie using mass communication. One day Bush threatens Venezuela and Ecuador. Tomorrow, Iran? Then who else? (…) Let us remember just how many times the same United States and by the same means have manipulated us. Every major war was “justified” by what later (too late) is shown to be deliberate misinformation. A quick inventory:

1) Vietnam (1964-1975)
MEDIA LIE: On 2 and 3 August North Vietnam attacked two U.S. ships in the Bay of Tonkin.
WHAT WE LEARNED LATER: This attack did not happen. It was an invention of the White House.
Goal: Prevent Vietnam independence and maintain U.S. dominance in the region
Consequences: Millions of victims, genetic malformations (Agent Orange), massive social problems.

2) Grenada (1983)

MEDIA LIE: The small Caribbean island was accused erecting a Soviet military base and bringing danger to the lives of American Physicians.
WHAT WE LEARNED LATER: Absolutely not. President Reagan coined these pretexts.
Goal: Prevent the democratic and social reforms of Prime Minister Bishop (later assassinated)
Consequences: Brutal repression and restoring trust in Washington.

3) Panama (1989)…

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