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Circus Clowns And Sideshow Freaks

In World News on May 4, 2011 at 1:09 pm

By Brandon Smith

In my worst nightmares, when the lights are swallowed by the smog of some nefarious gloom and the air itself becomes a stale sarcophagus into which I am entombed, and the grim hands of putrefied fate sink their wretched grip into the thick of my neck and all seems irrevocably lost, I merely recall that soon I will awaken to the horror of a terminal America infested by career criminals and certifiable morons, and suddenly, my off color dreams don’t seem so bad.Ultimately, there is nothing worse to me than a public majority that takes everything they hear from the mouths of political warlocks at face value. Even the fear of death is truly a pittance compared to the threat of being enveloped by a stampeding herd of frightened, stupid, human cattle.

Is this melodramatic? Not at all. When a man is aware, and by aware I mean honest with himself, he inevitably suffers the pain of being certain while the rest of the world enjoys the bliss of false assumptions. We live in a culture that inflicts great punishment on those who know, and lavishes enticing but short lived rewards on those who ignore. In such a place as this, meaning disappears, and countries die.

The first century satirist, Decimus Juvenalis, grief-stricken by the destruction of the Roman Republic at the hands of a succession of emperors and tyrants, wrote: “The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now meddle no more and long eagerly for just two things — bread and circuses.” At that time, the autocratic rulers of the empire were highly visible. Even celebrities. They played the hollow Roman Senate like a pipe organ and created elaborate events, moments of pageantry in the otherwise terrifyingly bleak lives of the citizenry, and of course, the people were thoroughly distracted while their economy, their government, and their land crumbled…

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Ten wars, ten media lies

In Big Brother, World News on May 4, 2011 at 1:08 pm

By Michel Collon

Every war is preceded by a lie using mass communication. One day Bush threatens Venezuela and Ecuador. Tomorrow, Iran? Then who else? (…) Let us remember just how many times the same United States and by the same means have manipulated us. Every major war was “justified” by what later (too late) is shown to be deliberate misinformation. A quick inventory:

1) Vietnam (1964-1975)
MEDIA LIE: On 2 and 3 August North Vietnam attacked two U.S. ships in the Bay of Tonkin.
WHAT WE LEARNED LATER: This attack did not happen. It was an invention of the White House.
Goal: Prevent Vietnam independence and maintain U.S. dominance in the region
Consequences: Millions of victims, genetic malformations (Agent Orange), massive social problems.

2) Grenada (1983)

MEDIA LIE: The small Caribbean island was accused erecting a Soviet military base and bringing danger to the lives of American Physicians.
WHAT WE LEARNED LATER: Absolutely not. President Reagan coined these pretexts.
Goal: Prevent the democratic and social reforms of Prime Minister Bishop (later assassinated)
Consequences: Brutal repression and restoring trust in Washington.

3) Panama (1989)…

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WikiLeaks: US offered to bankroll New Zealand piracy crackdown

In Americas, World News on May 4, 2011 at 1:04 pm

By Matthew Lasar

Making your country’s views known is a principal function of foreign embassies, but the US goes much further. According to cables released by WikiLeaks, the US embassy in New Zealand urged Uncle Sam to fork overabout half a million New Zealand dollars back in 2005 to bankroll a private intellectual property enforcement unit run by major rightsholders in the region.

Operated on an informal basis by the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ) and the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS), the US identified the “unit” as the only potential bulwark against music piracy in the region.

“It is developing an intelligence framework to identify local producers of pirated works, distributors, criminal networks and recipients and to work with relevant government, law enforcement, customs and other authorities and stakeholders,” the embassy’s cable noted. “The unit aims to prevent piracy by sharing intelligence with other organizations and agencies, lobbying political parties and the judiciary on the harm to industry and supporting public awareness campaigns.”

The outfit would also launch “enforcement operations” targeting makers and distributors of illegal material, and it would “train law enforcement and other agencies in the implementation…”

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